Woody Johnson returns to Jets, Deshaun Watson incoming?

Admin - January 26, 2021

Woody Johnson spent the last three years serving as an ambassador to the United Kingdom. Now, in turn, his assignment has come to an end - so it was time for him to return to his role as the owner of the Jets. On the day the team introduced Robert Saleh as the new head coach, the Jets also announced its new power structure, headed by former and new chairman Johnson. Normally, a high-level change like this one is as unpredictable as a game of slots at JackpotCity online casino. Except, of course, when you play at JackpotCity, the stakes are nowhere near this high. The spinning reels come with a strong chance for a big win, giving players a dose of pleasing thrill. Whereas, a high-level change in the leadership of a sports team often comes with uncertainty and dread.

A smooth transition

Not this time, of course. Woody Johnson will resume his duties after a brief, three-year break that he spent in politics abroad. Christopher Johnson, who took over for his brother while he was away, will stick to a "prominent role" in the team's day-to-day operations as vice-chairman.

The arrival of Saleh will come with a change in the team's chain of command: instead of reporting directly to the ownership, he will work directly under general manager Joe Douglas, who in turn will have greater power. It's important to note that Douglas was the person who led the search for a new coach, while Johnson wasn't directly involved with the process. Saleh hasn't even met Johnson yet.

Christopher Johnson told the press that he expects a 'fair amount of continuity' thanks to his good working relationship with his brother.


Those who have worked for Johnson over his first 17 years as an acting owner have revealed that he has an affinity for big names. This may reportedly be the case after he resumes his duties at the lead of the team. The first big name who is rumored to be headed the Jets' way is Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, said to become available via trade this offseason.

The relationship between Watson and the Texans has reached a historic low this month after a disappointing season and repeated changes in the team's coaching team. Rumors started circulating about his possible exit from the team, even though his fans are prepared to go to great lengths to convince him to stay. Watson reportedly wanted the Texans to hire Saleh but the Jets hired him first. When asked which team he would prefer if he was to leave the Texans, Watson clearly pointed to the Jets as his preferred destination, not least because of his preference for the new Jets arrival.