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Jets bring back Joe Flacco

Admin - October 25, 2021

One day after rookie QB Zach Wilson suffered a knee injury that could potentially keep him out of action for 2-4 weeks, the trainwreck also known as the New York Jets acquired QB Joe Flacco from the Eagles. If the Gang Green needed a veteran quarterback, they should have kept Flacco in the first place. Instead, they went with Wilson and inexperienced QB Mike White as his only backup. As we remember, Flacco started in 4 games for the Jets last season, losing all of them. The Jets didn't want him after the season, so now they are bringing him back for a conditional draft pick (6th rounder that could become a 5th rounder). You can't just fix stupid.

If the Jets wanted a mentor for Wilson, they should have kept Flacco without wasting any draft picks. What's the point of bringing him now? The Jets are not winning any games with him. They might as well just start Mike White, who already knows the system, and see what this kid is capable of. He did look pretty decent at times against the Patriots. But these are the New York Jets... Just End The Season already.