How to fix the Jets

Admin - January 25, 2023

This was another season of what-ifs for the Jets, as, despite a strong start, the team once again missed out on the playoffs. It’s now been twelve seasons since the Jets last made it to the postseason, and unless changes are made, the fans will continue to be disappointed.

The season was punctuated by a number of games where the result could have gone the other way if not for an error, such as leaving Brock Wright uncovered in the last minutes of their 20-17 loss to the Detroit Lions. However, despite these small errors, it's clear that changes could significantly improve this team. The playoffs will now go on without the Jets, and you can bet on NFL playoffs at Betway US

Going into the offseason, it remains to be seen what direction general manager Joe Douglas will take the team. Head coach Robert Saleh has already apologized to fans for his role in the collapse, and he could be one of the names on the chopping block. Aside from him, there are several players who are unlikely to be on the roster next season. Here are some of the ways the Jets could be fixed for next season.

A new quarterback

One change that would perhaps make the biggest difference to the Jets is the introduction of a new quarterback. Just a quarterback away is an expression frequently used in the NFL, with lots of teams supposedly just an elite quarterback away from reaching the Super Bowl. However, it's perhaps never been more true than in the case of the Jets.

This season, the Jets had a strong defense that saw them only 20.3 points per game in each of their ten losses. This is the lowest points allowed stat of any losing team this year. This shows that one of the main things holding the team back is its offense. In addition, the Jets threw just 0.5 passing touchdowns per game during these losses, further highlighting just how important a good quarterback would be.

In all of the Jets' losses, they could have won if only they had a decent offensive production. Not only that, but the overall quarterback passing accuracy for the Jets was the lowest of any losing team. As a result. Joe Douglas is under pressure to bring in a quality quarterback who will be able to take this Jets team to the next level.

For the Jets, Jimmy Garoppolo would be an ideal candidate for a new quarterback. He's previously worked with Saleh in San Francisco and would hopefully slot into the team well. The Jets squad needs a quarterback who won't let them down in games, and Garoppolo has decent production stats that would help improve the offense.

Improving the overall offensive line

Of course, a new quarterback would only solve one half of the problem for the Jets. They had one of the worst overall offensive lines of any team in the league in 2022, and changes here would help make the difference in the playoff charge next season.

Currently, only Alijah Vera-Tucker and Laken Tomlinson are likely to be starters in the offensive line next season for the Jets. Meanwhile, offensive tackle George Fant and wide receiver Corey Davis are likely to leave in the offseason, opening up space in the roster for new players.

The Jets will make the most of the draft and free agents to upgrade the offensive line, with names such as offensive tackle Peter Skoronski and offensive lineman Matt Pryor likely to be on the shortlist. Meanwhile, some experts have speculated that offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr may test free agency this offseason, attracting interest from the Jets. The current Kansas City Chiefs player would be a great choice, if a little expensive, to improve the offensive line considerably.