Will Tyron Smith’s arrival in New York affect the Jet’s 2024 Draft Plans?

Admin - March 21, 2024

Tyron Smith, an experienced offensive lineman, is departing from the Dallas Cowboys to join the New York Jets, as NFL rumors were confirmed when he sent a parting message to Dallas on social media.

There are two reasons why Aaron Rodgers would be pleased with the New York Jets' decision to sign offensive lineman Tyron Smith, who has been named to the Pro Bowl eight times. The New York Jets have reportedly signed Smith to a one-year contract to play at MetLife Stadium after he spent thirteen years with the Dallas Cowboys.

Smith, 33, accepted an agreement with a guaranteed payout of $6.5 million. Bonuses of up to $13.5 million are also included, depending on factors like playing time.

Jets Offensive Line: Refreshed

He'll join quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was out all-season last year due to injury, on a revamped offensive line. His signing follows that of right tackle Morgan Moses and left guard John Simpson.

After a poor 2023 season, Jets coach Robert Saleh hopes Smith, who has been highly regarded for his position for the last decade, will revitalize the offense. Last season, the Jets were 28th in the NFL in sacks allowed, with 64.

Smith's one-year deal may be useful, particularly if he becomes Rodgers' ideal blindside protector. Nevertheless, the former Cowboys favorite's injury history raises doubts about his ability to remain healthy in 2024.

Tyron Smith at the MetLife: Pros and Cons

Starting 14 games at left tackle in 2023, he demonstrated why he is one of the best players in the NFL. His three-game absence was, however, due to a knee injury he sustained eight years ago. Also, since2015, Smith has not participated in a complete season of play.

His skill is undeniable on the field; however, last season, he won 78.8 percent of his run blocks and 89.1 percent of his throw blocks. So, it’s understandable that fantasy fans will be looking at Smith for their teams, and it won’t be surprising to see him involved with many DraftKings promo code line-ups.

Cowboys Recognizing Their Loss

Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones expressed admiration for Smith and acknowledged the impending loss of a valuable player:

The door is wide open. Smith is going to be a Hall of Fame football player. No one has said no to him continuing his job here in Dallas. He's had a great career.

What About the Jets 2024 Draft Plans?

Because Smith arrives in New York, the Jets may reevaluate their draft strategy in search of an offensive weapon.

One prominent name in the 2024 draft is Brock Bowers. The Los Angeles Chargers (fourth pick), Tennessee Titans (seventh pick), and Chicago Bears (ninth pick) have shown interest.

The Jets (tenth selection) may also be gazing at the tight end, who was productive while playing college football for Georgia. As a standout collegiate tight end, he received the John Mackey Award not once but twice and was named SEC Freshman of the Year in 2021.

Regarding Bowers, though, dropping to tenth place overall pick would be shocking. The Jets would be fortunate to have him since he is a one-of-a-kind talent and a prospect for the next generation of tight ends. Even if they were lucky enough to snatch him, the offensive line may have more critical concerns that must be addressed before anything else.

The Jets will now consider Smith's free agency signing before selections, and they may choose to sign JC Latham or Taliese Fuaga as their right tackle. However, Fashanu has an outstanding pass-blocking grade of 89.2 over the last two seasons. The Jets must do all it takes to keep Aaron Rodgers safe. He is this group's most experienced pass protector and will certainly be a top consideration.