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  • Editorial

    Who are the 5 greatest New York Jets players?

    The New York Jets, throughout the years, have had a colorful history of not only memorable games but also of great players that have come and gone. If game wins and losses throughout the team’s history is a valued background knowledge when it comes to sports betting, so is the history of the team roster.…

    December 11, 2020

  • Editorial

    2011 NY Jets: A bunch of cheerleaders

    Before the 2011 Jets ride off into the sunset, with their oversized hero Coach Ryan vaulted high on their shoulder — the same coach who will ironically claim to carry the team’s future on his own shoulders —allow me to speak for all of the wounded he has left on the field. Men who carved…

    January 9, 2012

  • Jets Off-field

    Jets to retire Klecko's number

    The New York Jets have decided to retire #73 - the number worn by former DT Joe Klecko. During his 11-year career with the Jets (1977-87), Joe Klecko played in 140 games and recorded 77.5 sacks. A 6th round draft pick from Temple, Klecko became one of the most dominant defensive players in the Jets…

    August 1, 2004