Jets Surge in Power Rankings

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Jets Surge in Power Rankings

The updated power rankings are out and the New York Jets have considerably moved up on all major sports websites. ESPN has the Gang Green up to #16 from #23 a week ago. FOX Sports has them up to #14 from #20 last week. CBS Sports moved the Jets 8 spots up from #24 to #16.

Here's what the top 3 websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez are two of the most exciting additions to the AFC.

FOX Sports: What a debut for Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan. The Jets seem to really have something in young Sanchez — eat your heart out, Pete Carroll! His pocket savvy and downfield vision is better than half the starting QBs in the league already, and Rex Ryan's defense pitched a virtual shutout in the opener (only TD allowed was on INT return).

CBS Sports: Maybe we underestimated this team. If Mark Sanchez is as good as he was in the opener, they will be good. Rex Ryan brings a nice attitude to the defense.

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