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    Power rankings: Jets move up after beating Titans

    Well, they are no longer the worst. As PFT said, last Sunday we got to see a glimpse of what these Jets might become if... there are plenty of "ifs" that they still need to overcome but the win against Tennessee was a good start. Sunday's win propelled the Gang Green to a consensus #29…

    October 7, 2021

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    Power rankings: Jets dead last

    The New York Jets are a complete trainwreck and it just keeps getting worse. It took only three weeks of regular season for Robert Saleh's team to hit the rock bottom of power rankings. Following their embarrassing shutout loss against the Broncos, 5 out of 6 power rankings websites that we've been tracking put the…

    September 29, 2021

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    Power rankings: Jets remain at the bottom after losing to Patriots

    It's difficult to fall further down when you're already pretty much at the bottom. Despite their ugly loss to the Patriots, the Jets mostly remained where they were a week ago in the latest editions of power rankings. ESPN, the Sporting News, PFT and Yahoo Sports lowered the Gang Green's position in the rankings by…

    September 23, 2021

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    Power Rankings: Jets still dead last

    It doesn't look like there's even a reason to track Jets power rankings anymore, as they are by far the worst team in the league. Adam Gase's circus has now been dead last in all power rankings for four straight weeks. The Jets are 0-6 and on pace to possibly exceed their "accomplishment" of 1996…

    October 22, 2020

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    Power Rankings: Jets consensual dead last

    Well, we finally have a consensus. Every power rankings website has the Jets as the worst team in the league. ProFootballTalk has finally come to their senses and downgraded the Jets to the "Turboprops." There was a rumor earlier this week that if the Gang Green were to lose tonight's game against the Broncos, it…

    October 1, 2020

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    Power Rankings: Jets dead last

    It's only Week 1 but Adam Gase's Jets are already dead last in NFL Power Rankings. Following their utterly embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Gang Green look to be in the hunt for number one overall draft pick. It might not be that bad though, considering that Clemson's QB Trevor Lawrence is expected…

    September 17, 2020

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    End of season power rankings

    Before the 2017 season began, the New York Jets were a consensus dead last team with a high probability to have a winless season. As the season progressed, Todd Bowles' crew went up as high as #18 in some power rankings. They finished 5-11 and ultimately crashed down to pretty much where they started. ESPN…

    February 6, 2018

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    Power rankings: Jets lose again but stay put in rankings

    The Gang Green fell to 5-9 after losing in New Orleans but they fought hard, keeping the game close until the very end. Their hard fought effort was clearly reflected in the latest edition of power rankings. Pretty much all sites that we're tracking kept the Jets' position unchanged compared to the week before. ESPN…

    December 19, 2017

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    Power rankings: Jets keep falling as they lose again

    It was another tough loss for the Jets, as they once again had a chance to win only to let the game slip away in the second half. TheGangGreen fell to 3-5 and are now, well, pretty much where we had expected them to be before the start of this season. For the first time…

    November 1, 2017

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    Power rankings: Jets move down after losing to Pats

    The Gang Green lost but more than held their own against the Patriots, a consensus top 5 team. The Jets could have and should have won but own crucial mistakes and outrageous calls by the officiating crew were just too much to overcome. Todd Bowles' team has already achieved more than most of us predicted…

    October 18, 2017