Jets Take a Hit In Power Rankings

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Jets Take a Hit In Power Rankings

Following the offensive explosion in Week 1 against the Bills, the Jets' offense returned to where they were in preseason, gaining only 219 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2. As a result, five out of six power ranking websites lowered the Gang Green's stock, although by not as much as many had probably thought. Fox Sports kept the Jets right where they were a week ago, at #17. ESPN lowered them by one spot, from #17 to #18. Both CBS Sports and ProFootballWeekly moved the Jets two spots down. ProFootballTalk decided that the loss to Pittsburgh was worth three power ranking positions, while the Sporting News moved them four spots down, from #18 to #22.

Here's what all these websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: If you listen carefully, you can start to hear the chants for Tim Tebow after Mark Sanchez's 10-completion game.

FOX Sports: As it turns out, the Jets are who we thought they were. They accounted for just 129 passing yards against Pittsburgh, with Santonio Holmes leading the way with just three receptions. Just like we shouldn't have overreacted in Week 1, we shouldn't do the same in Week 2.

CBS Sports: Was it back to reality for the offense after an impressive Week 1 showing? Mark Sanchez will feel the heat this week.

ProFootballTalk: The report that Tim Tebow will ask for a trade after the season is definitely false. He’s going to ask for a trade during the season.

ProFootballWeekly: Without Pouha at nose, the Bills ran all over the Jets in Week 1. Second game, he returns, and the Steelers are completely shut down on the ground and Pouha gets a sack. So yeah, he's pretty valuable to Rex Ryan.

  W 1 W 2 W 3
ESPN 21 17 18
FOX Sports 20 17 17
CBS Sports 18 17 19
PFT 22 16 19
PFW 23 15 17
Sporting News 24 18  22

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