Jets Drop Out Of Top 20 In Power Rankings

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Jets Drop Out Of Top 20 In Power Rankings

The humiliating loss at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers pummeled the Jets' stock in power rankings, as the Gang Green dropped out of the top 20 in all five polls. Fox Sports was absolutely merciless, placing the Jets at #27 (#19 a week ago), while the other four websites were pretty much in agreement on their valuation of the Gang Green. ESPN had them at #23 (#17 a week ago), CBS Sports placed them at #22 (#15 last week), ProFootballTalk had them at #22 as well (#15 last week), and finally Pro Football Weekly put the Jets at #21 (#17 a week ago).

Here's what all these websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: Mark Sanchez in his past three games: 44-of-101 (43.5 percent) for 547 yards passing.

FOX Sports: Can things really get any worse for the Jets?

CBS Sports: The Jets lack talent. Pinning it all on Mark Sanchez is easy to do. But Tim Tebow isn't the answer.

ProFootballTalk: A team that has everything to lose is playing like it’s already lost everything.

ProFootballWeekly: Wheels coming off — the offense does nothing, run “D” is a problem.

  W 1 W 2 W 3 W 4 W 5
ESPN 21 17 18 17 23
FOX Sports 20 17 17 19 27
CBS Sports 18 17 19 15 22
PFT 22 16 19 15 22
PFW 23 15 17 17 21


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