Jets lose big but remain in top 20 in power rankings

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Jets lose big but remain in top 20 in power rankings

The Gang Green were due to lose last Sunday, considering their pattern of winning and losing games this season. Hardly anyone, however, expected the Jets to get blown out the way they did against the Bengals. Surprisingly, this embarrassing loss did not have much effect in some of this week's power rankings. ESPN placed Rex Ryan's team at #16, which is just one spot below their last week ranking. FOX Sports and CNN SI both lowered the Gang Green's stock by 2 points - from #14 to #16 and from #12 to #14 respectively. CBS Sports wasn't as merciful, putting the Jets at #17, down 4 spots from last week. Finally, Pro Football Talk has the Jets at #18, which is 5 spots down compared to last week.

Here's what all these websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: As Geno goes, so go the Jets. Geno Smith has a plus-3 TD-INT differential in wins and a minus-8 differential in losses, like Sunday's debacle in Cincinnati.

FOX Sports: The Jets have yet to win two in a row this season, but they have avoided losing two in a row, as well. That may change with New Orleans coming to town this week.

CBS Sports: Up one week, down the next. That's what you get with a rookie quarterback.

ProFootballTalk: Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman's plan for covering A.J. Green was to pray. The plan for covering Marvin Jones was to ignore him.

CNN SI: Rex Ryan was all but done, head on the chopping block as this season began. And now, at 4-4 and with a promising rookie quarterback, he might have second life.

  W 1 W 2 W 3 W 4 W 5 W 6 W 7 W 8
ESPN 32 27 18 22 18 20 15 16
FOX Sports 30 30 18 21 18 19 14 16
CBS Sports 30 26 17 20 15 18 13 17
PFT - 28 24 25 16 20 13 18
30 23 19 26 14 19 12 14

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