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Power rankings: Jets keep falling as they lose again

Admin - November 1, 2017

It was another tough loss for the Jets, as they once again had a chance to win only to let the game slip away in the second half. TheGangGreen fell to 3-5 and are now, well, pretty much where we had expected them to be before the start of this season. For the first time since we began tracking power rankings across different websites, all five websites are in agreement, placing Todd Bowles' team at #26. However, despite the loss to the Falcons, ESPN moved them one spot up (from #27 to #26). For the fourth week in a row Yahoo kept TheGangGreen's ranking unchanged, while the remaining three websites slightly lowered their evaluation.

The Jets fell with the bookies as well. Bookmakers now have them +135 in the upcoming matchup against their upstate rivals, the Buffalo Bills (5-2). They are also currently +50000 to win the AFC and +100000 to win the Super Bowl. The game against the Bills is a must win if the Jets still hope to somehow make the playoffs this year. Catch all the latest NFL lines, american football tips and rugby betting tips for the upcoming matchups. Get free and genuine odds of the matches from experienced tipsters and increase your chances.

Here's what the power rankings websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: The Jets could actually be in the hunt still if they could close out games late. They've been outscored by 56 points in the fourth quarter, second worst in the NFL. Josh McCown has a Total QBR of 12 in the fourth quarter this year (and a 69 Total QBR in first three quarters).

Sporting News: The Jets weren't supposed to be competitive, but they've stayed that away, much to the fright of opponents who thought they would be gimmies. Old Man McCown keeps doing his thing.

CBS Sports:They are a feisty team, but two straight losses have them at 3-5. They face a big division game against the Bills Thursday night.

ProFootballTalk: “Hey, why didn’t we get a chance to give up way too much to get Jimmy Garoppolo?”

Yahoo Sports: Matt Forte created a stir when he took a shot at offensive coordinator John Morton as he complained the Jets didn’t run enough in a loss Sunday. It was a bit odd why he got only four carries in a rainstorm. “Everybody knows that that was the game plan and that’s what we wanted to do,” Forte said, according to Newsday. “I don’t have to get on a headset and tell somebody how to do their job.” It’s also worth noting that Forte had just 7 yards on his carries and as a team the Jets averaged just 2 yards per carry. It’s hard to keep calling runs when they’re not going anywhere.

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Yahoo Sports 32 32 32 31 26 26 26 26 26