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Power rankings: Jets dead last

Admin - September 29, 2021

The New York Jets are a complete trainwreck and it just keeps getting worse. It took only three weeks of regular season for Robert Saleh's team to hit the rock bottom of power rankings. Following their embarrassing shutout loss against the Broncos, 5 out of 6 power rankings websites that we've been tracking put the Gang Green in the last place. Only the Sporting News now has the Jets ranked above another winless team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Well, it can only get better from here on. The Tennessee Titans (2-1) are next and going 0-4 two years in a row is a real possibility.

Here's what different power rankings websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: Zach Wilson is struggling -- big time. He is throwing too many interceptions (seven), and he is taking too many sacks (15). They're not all his fault, but he must do a better job of delivering the ball on time. At times, he appears indecisive, as if he isn't trusting his reads. Look, he is a rookie, and this is to be expected. He knew there would be adversity in this position, and he is getting it all -- and early in the season. The arm talent is there, and he is more physically skilled than people realize, but that doesn't mean anything if you don't know where to go with the ball. Right now, he looks lost.

Sporting News: Zach Wilson and the new-look offense has run into three tough schemed and talent-rich defenses in Carolina, New England and Denver. The Jets finally get some breaks there with Tennessee and Atlanta next before a bye to reassess.

CBS Sports: The offense is so bad right now. Zach Wilson isn't good, but he doesn't really have a chance. It's going to be a long season.

ProFootballTalk: The Zach Wilson mafia is already getting stronger than the North Jersey mob ever was.

Yahoo Sports: The Jets have lost a dozen games in a row in the month of September. The Broncos didn't need to do much and still shutout the Jets. If things don't turn around in New York, questions about Zach Wilson being ruined, already, will start. He had two interceptions and was sacked five times.

NFL.com: The Jets are 0-3 for the third consecutive season, and it’s a bad 0-3. Sunday’s shutout loss to the Broncos was filled with penalties, drops, blown assignments and turnovers. The result was a non-competitive performance that reflects badly on new head coach Robert Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas, who should start taking some heat for his construction of a Jets team that’s lost 17 of 19 games under his stewardship. Zach Wilson was far from good in his third start, but he received virtually no help from Jets teammates who weren’t ready for Denver’s intensity. In defense of Wilson and the offense, the schedule dealt them three of the best defenses in football to start the season. The Titans should present something of a respite, but nothing can be assumed in Gotham these days.

  Preseason W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 W16 W17 W18
ESPN 31 31 32 32                              
Sporting News 26 29 30 31                              
CBS Sports 31 31 31 32                              
PFT 30 30 31 32                              
Yahoo Sports 29 30 31 32                              
NFL.com 28 30 30 32                              
  29.2 30.2 30.8 31.8