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Power rankings: Jets go back into the gutter

Admin - October 29, 2021

Following yet another embarrassing loss, the Jets are pretty much where they belong - a consensus #30 in the latest power rankings. While most pundits ranked the Gang Green about the same, CBS Sports' Pete Prisco stated that "they are the worst team in the NFL" and placed them dead last at #32. It doesn't look good for the Jets, especially with QB Zach Wilson out for the next few weeks but at least we'll get to see what Mike White can do, if anything. The up and coming Bengals are next and don't be surprised if they can score 50 points on this Jets defense as well.

Here's what different power rankings websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: A big miss by me, as the Jets are ranked 32nd in rushing offense. My projection was based on the impressive history of their offensive scheme, which seemingly always cranked out strong rushing attacks under Kyle Shanahan. The Jets are proving that schemes don't matter as much as players. The offensive line, hurt by the loss of LT Mekhi Becton, is struggling in the outside-zone scheme. As a result, no running back has broken a run longer than 17 yards.

Sporting News: The Jets were hoping to play the post-bye portion of their 2021 season in full developmental and improvement mode for Zach Wilson, but the knee injury he suffered early against the Patriots might derail that just as other parts of their offense were coming alive for Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur.

CBS Sports: I don't care that they beat the Titans. They are the worst team in the NFL, especially with Zach Wilson out for a while. It's Mike White time now.

ProFootballTalk: The decision to add a veteran quarterback was only about six months late.

Yahoo Sports: After Zach Wilson hurt his knee, the Jets traded a conditional sixth-round pick to the Eagles for Joe Flacco. That pick can turn into a fifth-rounder based on playing time. What in the world is a 1-5 team doing trading draft picks for an old quarterback with no upside at all?

NFL.com: Getting embarrassed by the Patriots isn’t a new development for the Jets, but it was at least understandable when Tom Brady was the New England quarterback. Getting lit up by a 54-13 score in the Mac Jones era is a level of dysfunction entering into the realm of the indefensible. It was New York’s most lopsided loss since 2010 and the most points the team had allowed in 42 years. To make matters worse, Zach Wilson exited with a knee injury that will keep him on the shelf for several weeks and necessitated the return of Joe Flacco. Robert Saleh was brought in to change a culture of losing that’s permeated the franchise for nearly a decade. So far, no good.

  Preseason W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 W16 W17 W18
ESPN 31 31 32 32 29 29 28 30                      
Sporting News 26 29 30 31 29 29 27 28                      
CBS Sports 31 31 31 32 30 30 31 32                      
PFT 30 30 31 32 29 29 28 29                      
Yahoo Sports 29 30 31 32 29 29 28 30                      
NFL.com 28 30 30 32 28 31 30 31                      
  29.2 30.2 30.8 31.8 29 29.3 28.7 30