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Power rankings: Jets reach highest position this season

Admin - November 4, 2021

All it took was one impressive performance from backup QB Mike White for the Jets to move up to a consensus #27, their highest position this season, in the latest edition of the NFL power rankings. The Sporting News and ProFootballTalk put the Gang Green as high as #26, while the eternal Jets doubter, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports, had Robert Saleh's team at #28. Tonight the Jets (2-5) will face the Indianapolis Colts (3-5), a tough opponent that leads the league with 18 takeaways (the Gang Green have 15 turnovers, 2nd worst). The Colts are favored by 10.5 points but so were the Bengals last Sunday...

Here's what different power rankings websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN: It might seem like an odd time to single this out, considering Mike White just passed for 405 yards and three touchdowns, but it doesn't change the fact that White and Zach Wilson have only seven combined starts in their careers. The Jets have a league-high 13 interceptions, in large part because of their inexperience. There will be good days and bad days, depending on the quality of the opponent and style of defense. There's nothing the Jets can do to change it; they just have to ride this out, hoping it pays long-term dividends.

Sporting News: The Jets went nuts with Mike White and Michael Carter to shock the Bengals, showing more flashes that Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur are long-term keepers to turn around things for New York. How about that defense continuing to come up with big things, especially against the pass? Just wait until they stock the talent cupboard.

CBS Sports: Mike White was outstanding in beating the Bengals. That's a good thing, but what's it say about the way Zach Wilson was playing?

ProFootballTalk: Some Jets fans apparently are ready to trade Zach Wilson.

Yahoo Sports: Well, the Joe Flacco trade looks even weirder now. Who knows where the Mike White story goes from here, but he had a heck of a day in his first start. Even if he ends up being a high-end backup for the Jets for many years, there's still a ton of value in that. You have to go back years to find the last truly feel-good Jets win. There were a few during the Fitzmagic season of 2015, and it’s been six years of almost relentless darkness since. Which is what made Sunday’s performance by Mike White all the more sweet for beleaguered Gang Green supporters. White carved up the Bengals in a dramatic 34-31 win at MetLife Stadium, throwing for three TDs and becoming the first Jets quarterback in more than 20 years to pass for 400 yards in a game. After the win, Robert Saleh kept the door open for White to continue as starter even after Zach Wilson recovers from a knee injury. Said the coach: "We'll go day-to-day, but anything is possible, right? Anything is possible.”

  Preseason W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 W16 W17 W18
ESPN 31 31 32 32 29 29 28 30 28                    
Sporting News 26 29 30 31 29 29 27 28 26                    
CBS Sports 31 31 31 32 30 30 31 32 28                    
PFT 30 30 31 32 29 29 28 29 26                    
Yahoo Sports 29 30 31 32 29 29 28 30 28            28 30 30 32 28 31 30 31 27                    
  29.2 30.2 30.8 31.8 29 29.3 28.7 30 27.2