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Power rankings: Jets settle at #29

Admin - December 14, 2021

Another week, another lifeless loss, another step closer to offseason. Well, at least Robert Saleh's Jets are pretty consistent at losing, as they will finish the season with their sixth consecutive losing record. They have seemingly settled at #29 in NFL power rankings, as all six pundits have kept them there for two weeks straight despite the losses. Only the Texans, the Lions and the Jaguars are worse. The Gang Green will take on the Jaguars in two weeks, giving us a slim hope for win #4. Meanwhile, the Jets will be facing the Miami Dolphins, who have won their last five games, including 24-17 against the Jets. Miami is an 8.5-point favorite or -410 straight up.

Here's what different power rankings websites had to say about the Jets:

ESPN:There's no hope for the present, only the future -- meaning 2022 and beyond. The defense is historically poor, with expansion-level talent. It won't improve until the Jets invest high draft choices on that side of the ball. Whatever talent they have on offense is injured; WRs Elijah Moore and Corey Davis and RB Michael Carter are on IR. It will be tough sledding for QB Zach Wilson over the final four games.

Sporting News: The Jets tend to start with emotions high with active defense and determined offense. But they kind of hit a wall with their talent limitations around Zach Wilson and their best defensive players, because of the simple fact they can't either stop the run or run the ball.

CBS Sports: Zach Wilson regressed again against the Saints. There are going to be days like that for rookie quarterbacks. It's all about learning.

ProFootballTalk: Is there any reason to think things will be better next year?

Yahoo Sports: Another year, another early dismissal from the postseason picture for the Jets. In a 30-9 eventual route by the Saints, New York looked bad on offense as rookie QB Zach Wilson was without several playmakers around him like WRs Corey Davis and Elijah Moore due to injury.

NFL.com: More of the same. The Jets suffered their seventh double-digit defeat of the season Sunday, this time a 30-7 clunker against a middling Saints team that isn’t exactly summoning memories of the Drew Brees glory years. The Jets have so many issues, but a lack of talent stands out most. They don’t have any game-changers on defense, and the offense is punchless without Elijah Moore (leg), Corey Davis (core surgery) and Michael Carter (ankle). It creates a very difficult situation for Zach Wilson, who like Sam Darnold before him, becomes difficult to evaluate because of an absence of structure. Around and around the wheel goes for this organization, now 11 years deep into a playoff drought that shows no sign of letting up.

  Preseason W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 W16 W17 W18
ESPN 31 31 32 32 29 29 28 30 28 29 29 31 29 29 29        
Sporting News 26 29 30 31 29 29 27 28 26 28 30 31 29 29 29        
CBS Sports 31 31 31 32 30 30 31 32 28 29 30 31 28 29 29        
PFT 30 30 31 32 29 29 28 29 26 28 31 31 28 29 29        
Yahoo Sports 29 30 31 32 29 29 28 30 28 29 30 30 29 29 29        
NFL.com 28 30 30 32 28 31 30 31 27 30 31 31 29 29 29        
  29.2 30.2 30.8 31.8 29 29.3 28.7 30 27.2 28.8 30.2 30.8 28.7 29 29